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Silent Predator

March, 5 - 1988.

Madison Square Garden.

19:30 P.M.

Glancing up to the sky,she frowns at the weather condition.Although her suit keeps her body temperature steady,it doesn’t stop her from feeling the cold of the rain drops.

She didn’t feel excited.Nor happy.She just felt neutral,as usual.After all ,what was so unusual about theivery?

He isn’t by far her first victim,or the last,that’s for sure.She doesn’t give a damn about who he is and what he does.All she wants is the expensive  pair of jewlery she set her eyes on a week ago,which now have disappeared from the shop…into Mr.Jackson’s 'fancy pants'.

Yes,yes,The Michael Jackson.No big deal.Just another poor victim of hers.


She had been furious when she noticed the pair of diamond earrings missing from the show-window,and stormed inside,but careful to maintain her calm posture,strutting in her seductive walk to the lady in charge.As usual,she used her foxy ways to get the information she desired,even though the lady was being persistent on keeping private the customer who took her precious jewelry away from her.

She never was surprised when celebrity names were given in response to her interrogatory,because this was a famous shop which sold only the finest jewelry there could be found in New York.

”Michael Jackson” the lady whispered to her. ”Now please,i have other costumers to attend to.”

” …Michael…Jackson” she said to herself,then after a few seconds she smirked and walked her way out.In the distance,the grand Madison Square Garden could be seen,shining through the even taller buildings around it.Looking at the famous concert building,she whispered as she began to walk away ”You’re on my list.”



The rain had increased,but it didn’t stop the mass of fans coming to see the greatest entertainer of all time.Looking at a nearby watch-tower,she stealthly walked to find a dark hiding spot for her upcoming act.All that was left to do now…was to wait.


20:45 P.M.

She didn’t need an elaborate plan or track his schedule.She was a master thief,no robbery had gone against her so far.And she was going to keep it this way.

She knew that given his huge amount of celebrity,he was always surrounded by bulky bodyguards,ready to defend their boss no matter what.

What,you think this was going to stop her? 

Not a chance.

She always comes preppared.She knows everything that happens around her.Growing on the streets gives you a stronger and clearer perspective on life,and the people in it.Being street-smart wasn’t enough.You have to learn how to defend yourself in every situation.

It was a bonus that she was flexible,given that she started learning self-defense since a little girl.She mastered the art of robbing stealthly through years,but it was always worth it.

And she doesn’t want anyone’s pity.So far,everything turned out in her favour.

And everything will.


21:00 PM.

In the near distance,police cars could be heard.

”This is it” she whispers.

Slowly,one by one,the police cars and three big black fancy vans followed the short road to the backstage arena.But the fanciest of them all was a black limouzine which stopped right in front of the officials waiting for them.

She raised her look to view better the events from above.First came out 5 bodyguards,who looked menacing to others,but not to her.

No one was too good for her.It was an easy task.

But then…slowly coming out of the car was the man of the hour,looking all dresed up and ready to rock for the night.

”My,my…what do we have here…” she  says smirking  and analizing the situation before her.Those bodyguards are going to sit there and take an eye off Mr.Jackson.

Good.Something to warm her up.

”Better do this  quick than slow and boring.” she thinks as she positionates herself to pounce.


”Sir,we have to get a move on if you don’t want to be late” one of the bodyguards announced. 

Mr.Jackson nodded slightly and replied ” Just a minute,I forgot to take something” .

”Alright,sir” the other one answered as he looked at his surroundings.He studied the buildings around him,searching for something or someone who could possibly threaten the situation at hand.Slowly looking up,he spots a moving shadow,which quickly disappeared out of his sight.

”,Hey,Mark,get the rest of the crew and spread out,make sure there’s no intruder” he says to the other bodyguards as all of them start analizing the area.

He decided to approach the little building on which he saw the possible intruder for a better check.Lighting up his flashlight,he looks at the area closely before moving to another portion of it.

Suddenly,but very lightly,he hears a small click of low heels on the ground.

”Looking for me?” she calls close to him and before he got to turn around,she is already performing a silent takedown on him,then drags him to the shadows.

She sighs. ”Ah,one down,four more to go” as she searches for the next target.And there he was,into the other corner of the area,talking to his fellow mate.

Although he wasn’t alone,this wasn’t going to be hard.But it will involve a good headache for both of them.

Staying in the shadows,the sneaks silently to the two guys chatting while looking around.Luckily for her,they were sitting close enough,which made it easier to take them down.

Snucking behind them in a crouching position,she listens for a moment.

”Nothing here” one of them says.

”Same” the other one replies.”I guess there’s nothing to worry about…”

Suddenly,she raises from the ground,grabs their heads and smashes them together in  perfect timing as she watches them fall to the ground.

”Think again” she replies smugly as she hides the unconscious males in the shadows.Already spotting her next victiom,who was walking under a strong,ceiling fence,she uses her feline abilities and climbes the fence,then crawls silently to him from above.Stopping at the same time he did,she decides to use on of her favourite takedowns,which involved her special whip.Suddenly,she drops from the ceiling,hanging from the whip and catches the bodyguard between her legs,cutting his breath off.

”I guess you don’t need a hiding spot” she thinks ,seeing that he was already in the shadows.”Now..where is the last one ” she continued as she searched for the remaining bulky male.

”Ah,there you go.” She says in a sly voice as she noticed his positioning.”You must be the brighter one here” she remarks,seeing that he’s the only one who’s sitting in near Mr.Jackson’s limouzing,chatting with the star.

”Time for an entrance”.

She starts her cat-walk slowly behind the man ,waiting till the moment he noticed her.Seeing that after a few seconds,no one’s giving a signal,she quickly whistles to him,and in a flash he turns around,but she quickly snakes her legs between his ,tackling him to the ground and then catches away his breath,while shamelessly admiring her gloved finger-claws.

Slowly,she raises up,looking bored at the unconscious man,then remarks to the surprised star who is speechless:

”Oh well,you seriously need to cast people better than this ,don’t you?”

He quickly  tries to make a dash to open the other door of the car,but given she is quicker and slides her way into the car,blocking the doors.

He sits back nervous,then tries to remain calm.

”What do you want? ” he asks.

Crossing her legs,she smirks and replies in a sensual voice.

”Well,well,aren’t you the perfect gentleman.Already asking what a lady desires.”

”Just say and leave me alone.” he continues.

”I believe you have something that belongs to me.” 

”Name it.” he replies,now more confused.

”The piece of jewelry that you bought a week ago.” she says in a serious tone. ”I want it back.”

Looking more surprised,he says: ”I don’t think so.I bought it fare and square.What makes you think I’ll give it to you?You just want to steal people’s belongings”

At this,she frowns and says in a strong tone ” I don’t stand on the shoulders of people who have less.But you…you have what I want.” 

”It’s not for you to have.I’m sorry,but I won’t give it.You won’t get away with this” he says in the same tone.

Sensing and hearing that people are going to be here very soon,she sighs while smirking,comes closer to his ear,as he tries to back away,and whispers:

”I’ll have to cut this short,Mr.Jackson,but…” as she applies a quick peck to his cheek,unlocks the door and quickly vanishes into the darkness of the night.He inhales deeply,then steps out of the car to look after her,but she is nowhere to be found.He sighs longly and takes a quick glance around.Putting his hands into his pockets,a small note pokes his fingers.He takes it out and studies it,seeing that on the front was a little cat logo,and on the back a small sentence,written in a delicate manner:



” I already have.” 



Pics of her takedowns:





Thank you for taking your time to read! I would be very happy to read your opinions! I know it’s a short one,but it’s been on my mind for quite a while.

Hope you have a good day!

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Let us take a moment of calming DOWN because the apocalypse is only when God will want it to be. Chill people.

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can we all just take a moment and appreciate this moment?

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